Bulk WhatsApp Messaging in Africa

Bulk WhatsApp messaging is a great way to broadcast Business Adverts to a large group of people. It can be used to send out adverts in form of text, digital posters, short company video adverts, Google Map Location of properties, etc. The best part about bulk WhatsApp messaging is that it is very affordable compared to Bulk SMS and other forms of social media advert. You can reach a large number of people with less funds and even send business notifications to your subscribers or customers.

About Us

Welcome to Wasssap, your number one source for all things WhatsApp Messaging in Africa. We're dedicated to providing you the very best of service, with an emphasis on prompt message delivery, quick sales of your product, high reach of customers.

Founded in 2021 by Headingly Services Inc, Wasssap has come a long way from its beginnings in Abuja, Nigeria. When we first started out, our passion for helping clients reach more customers drove us to start effective WhatsApp Advert.

Emphatically Yes. Do you know that your potential customers open there whatsapp messages more often than any other social media platform? You can simply tell us which area or  type of customers to access for you and we quickly get that done for you.

Not at all. When we engage your potential customers the first time, we simply get feedback from them on there choice of recieving more notification or not. If they opt out, we simply stop sending them messages. Period!

You provide us with a WhatsApp Broadcast line (number) and we set up our Anti-Ban Broadcast System to send messages to your potential customers. When  we are done, you can now activate your WhatsApp line on your device and see all the responses from your customers. (For more information, Contact our Experts)

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Why you should try using Wasssap


Our database of unlimited potential customers are grouped into effective niche. Lets say you want to reach only Fashion Designers in your City, Guess what? We have it! Including any other Niche of your need. It is as simple as it sounds, call them, we reach them with your advert and you start getting replies from them and you can add there numbers and start sending them business notifications.

Quick Sales

If you have a product or service you want to market and get returns immediately, or you are in dire need of making a sale, Wasssap Advert is the best option. Your Product would be sent directly to potential buyer's devices and they get to chat you up immediately. You can handle the whole response straight from your device.

How it Works

WhatsApp messages can be sent in bulk, which is a major advantage over traditional SMS messaging.  With WhatsApp, businesses can send messages to large groups (up to 100,000 phone numbers) of people at once, without having to worry about high cost or hassle of sending individual messages. WhatsApp also offers more features than SMS, such as the ability to include multimedia content (Videos, Poster, etc) in messages. 

This makes it a more versatile platform for businesses that want to communicate with their potential customers or subscribers.


We configure the Broadcast in a way that replies get to your OWN WHATSAPP line which you must provide when making payment. This helps you to answer questions or enquiries concerning your campaign or broadcast. You can contact us if you want us to handle the traffic of enquiries about your campaign.

Pricing Table

OUR BANK ACCOUNT : Katalambano Nigeria Ltd 1723346014 (FCMB)

You can request for a Free Trial of 100 Numbers 

to see how this works.


BroadCast Package 1

NGN 10,000

1000 Numbers (Text Only)

BroadCast Package 2

NGN 15,000

1000 Numbers (Text & Fliers Only)

BroadCast Package 3

NGN 20,000

1000 Numbers (Text & Video Clip)

BroadCast Package 4

NGN 30,000

5000 Numbers (Text Only)

BroadCast Package 5

NGN 40,000

5000 Numbers (Text + Fliers Only)

BroadCast Package 6

NGN 50,000

5000 Numbers ( Text + Video Clip)

BroadCast Package 7

NGN 200,000

50,000 Numbers (Text Only)

BroadCast Package 8

NGN 300,000

50,000 Numbers (Text + Fliers Only)

BroadCast Package 9

NGN 400,000

50,000 (Text + Video Clip)

Political Campaign

Our Servers are capable of reaching registered voters via Whatsapp. WhatsApp Broadcast is an effective way to campaign online and reach your target audience with your manifesto, fliers & video clips.

When we help you set up a Broadcast, you would be able to see the broadcast going live via your Mobile Device on real time and you can verify the number of people reached at the end of the broadcast.

For larger campaigns, we are able to reach over 1 000 000 Nigerians via WhatsApp.


Look at what our Customers are saying.

" I think this is the best way to reach buyers quickly. "

Mr. Boye Client

"I STRONGLY recommend Wasssap Advert to EVERYONE interested in running a successful online advert! Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! I was amazed at the number of customers we got within a short period of time.

Etenders Nigeria Client

" I was able to connect to a larger customer base using there service. Thank You Wasssap team.

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